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21 Oct

There have been a few things on my mind lately.  I need to keep a notebook with me so that when I think of things to blog about, I write them down.  Because usually, by the time I get home and have time to sit down to blog, I have completely forgotten my interesting topic!  Blame Mommy brain. Here goes:

1. Daddies.  I think it is so adorable that my little girl turns all the men in her life into mush.  Her father, my father, Dave’s father, all of her uncles…they just melt to pieces when they see her!  It is way too cute watching these big, tough men turn all gentle and speak in baby-talk to Ella.  I know my daughter can light up a room, but seeing the smiles on the faces of these guys when Ella is there is priceless.  They love to play with her and see her smile and laugh.  It is very sweet and I’m glad that my baby is so loved! 

2. The “St. Louis High School” Thing.  I have heard just about enough complaining about St. Louis not being a friendly city to move to if you aren’t originally from here.  Now, I AM originally from here, so perhaps I don’t have the best perspective on this topic.  Forgive me if I am missing something.  Yes, many people from St. Louis will ask you where you went to high school (I went to Lindbergh).  Apparently, this offends “outsiders” who are living in St. Louis because by asking this question, native St. Louisans are judging you & what part of the town you are from.  And if you aren’t from ANY part of the town, then there is no reason to talk to you.  Because people in St. Louis are only friends with people they went to high school with and we are all “clique-y” and have no interest in welcoming new people to our circles of friends.  Pardon me, but this is complete BULLS***!  

I am PROUD that I went to Lindbergh.  I loved high school (though I know not everyone does) and I want my children to go to the Lindbergh schools.  I do have friends now that I was friends with in high school.  But I also have friends that went to high school in different parts of the city & county and I have no prejudged notion that their high school defines who they are any more than mine does!  I have asked people that I meet that are from St. Louis where they went to high school.  And it’s not because I want to judge if they are rich or poor or if they are smart or dumb.  There are people of all kinds in every school district here!  When I ask that question (and I have always assumed that when I am asked that question) it is to find out what you have in common with that person.  Perhaps you know someone else who went to that school.  Perhaps you have family or friends there now.  Or, like me, your parents are teachers & you have an interest to see if they’ve crossed paths.  Or maybe you played sports against them.  There are endless possibilities. 

I also have several friends (including my husband) who now live in St. Louis but did not grow up here.  I have never heard them say they feel like St. Louis is a cold and uninviting place, that people don’t want to talk to you or be your friend because you are an “outsider” and their group of high-school-for-life friends is full.  I’m sure there are rude people here.  I’ve met several.  But just to say that St. Louis sucks because people are unkind and unwilling to be friends is a dramatic over exaggeration of something that is not a real problem, in my opinion.  If you feel that I’m wrong, please let me know.  But tell me WHY and what exactly you’ve encountered to come to this conclusion.  

3. See, now I’ve already forgotten what else I was going to blog about.  I will find a notepad for my diaper bag & blogging will go on!  Until then, here’s a pic of Ella in the end zone @ Uncle Chris’ game @ Missouri State’s homecoming.

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  1. David October 21, 2008 at 9:51 pm #

    I’m not sure I really fall into the “big, macho” category, but I agree that our daughter has the capabilities of which you speak!

  2. Lauren October 22, 2008 at 5:49 pm #

    Wow, who told you STL was unfriendly to outsiders for that reason? I never took the questions offensively. But after the 20th time I got asked that my freshman year of college, I just responded “Brewer” and watched their face as they tried to figure out where in STL that school is. ( :

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