2 May

After 7 months, I’m not even sure what to say.

I think I’ve avoided blogging because I know there is a post about Abby on here and it still makes me sad to see it.  Even though there are lots of happy ones, so many from when Ella was such a little girl.  And now she is almost 6, which is mind boggling.

Ella is registered for Kindergarten!  She will be going to school all day next year.  We are all more ready now, especially Ella.  Well, she claims to be, anyway.  She may change her mind after a few days of being gone all day!  But I know she will be in good hands and have lots of fun and be exhausted when she gets home!

Ella has been super creative lately!  She loves to draw and practice sounding out words herself and writing them.  Often she will omit vowels in words she is writing (“prpl” instead of “purple”) but she is doing really well with the sounds of letters, which I think is a great step to being a good reader & speller.  She is spelling & reading shorter words really well.  She has been making lots of “books” lately.  Many times they are just a series of pictures, but sometimes they include words, too.  She just loves to draw, cut, & tape things together.  We have many pictures of butterflies, unicorns, flowers, hearts and an assortment of other animal pictures.

Ella is also definitely 5 1/2!  She goes through phases of being so, so sweet & helpful to being obstinate & whiny.  I enjoy the former much more.  It’s a funny stage of wanting to be more independent & helpful but still wanting to need us.  There are things she can definitely do herself that she just wants us to help her with so she can spend time with us, I think.  Overall she is a pretty great kid who makes us proud!

Audrey is…2.  In many ways, she is different than Ella was at this age.  More stubborn, LOUD, pickier, more opinionated.  But there are lots of similarities.  Verbose, loves dresses, imaginative, loves to swing.

Audrey is my fearless wild child.  She loves to swing as high as possible, climb everywhere, run, chase, etc.  She is fairly coordinated with kicking, throwing & catching a ball.  But she also loves to play princess (lately Snow White) & dance, though her attention-seeking tantrums have led us to taking a break from her dance class.  Audrey is less interested in fine motor activities like coloring & crafts, though she will do those for a while.  Especially play doh or painting.  She just loses interest more quickly.

They are playing well together now, most of the time.  There are days when they cannot find a way to get along, but usually, they want their games to intersect.  They love to tell jokes, whether or not they make any sense to us.  They are protective of each other.  They are often sweet to each other, sharing toys or snacks.

It is fun and exhausting watching these girls grow up.  Hopefully I will be able to get myself on here to share more stories, but, obviously, no promises.  Happy 2013…in May!


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  1. CJGEISZ May 5, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

    That is why God makes 2 year olds so cute – otherwise they would never see 3. You are doing a great job. Ella will thrive in Kindergarten & Audrey will love pre-school (if for no other reason than b/c Ella did it).

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