Brighter Than the Sun…

23 Jul

Happy birthday, my sweet Ella Kate!

5 years ago, you made my life a million times better than I ever thought it could be.  Being your mommy is absolutely my favorite thing ever, the best job I’ve ever had.

At 5 years old, you are so smart, sweet, silly, funny, stubborn, inquisitive & kind.  You are so full of love!  You love your sister to pieces, even when she is being a snot to you.  You are always trying to make her feel better when she is sad (or pretending to be sad).  You love your friends, teachers, kids you meet on the playground…everyone.  You even have a love for St. Louis that I didn’t know was possible in such a young kid.  Of course, first in your heart is probably Disney World…and oh-how-excited you will be when you find out about our September trip!

Your mind is always turning!  You come up with the most interesting questions, which has made me use my brain in so many new ways trying to come up with honest, understandable answers.  You are so insightful, too.  Sometimes you can make the jump between what I’m explaining & what you really want to know without any help.  I love that you are so curious about everything from the extinction of dinosaurs to how cement trucks work to the importance of being truthful “in your heart”.

You have developed a love for performing.  We always knew it was there, since you dance & sing all day long at home.  But it has blossomed this past year as you have gotten to take part in 2 musicals.  Even though you like to make up your own songs & dances, you worked so hard to learn everything for Peter Pan & Oliver.  You always make us so proud of your effort & work ethic.  Who knows if you will stick with this forever, but it has been a blast (exhausting at times, too) watching you perform.

You are beginning to read & do math!  You love to ask people addition problems & then solve them yourself.  You are starting to learn subtraction, too.  And you know that anything multiplied by 0 is 0 & anything multiplied by 1 is that number.  Writing words & sentences has become so fun for you!  You even wrote a letter to Ariel (with some help) & got a cool postcard in return.  I’m sure that by Christmas you’ll be reading books by yourself!

You recently learned how to pump yourself on the swings, which you love!  You can swing and swing and swing!  One day you were on the swing for so long that you got blisters on your little hands.  It’s so fun to watch how excited & proud you are to be able to pump.

Your imagination is always going full steam; I love hearing your stories & listening to the games you play with your dolls & animals.  They always seem to be off on some adventure or figuring out how to save someone who is in distress.  Definitely a girl who loves fairy tales & happily-ever-afters!

The past year has gone by so quickly.  Every day I wish for a “pause life” button so I can just soak up every little thing about you.  You are so pretty & I just love gazing into your lovely blue eyes, just wondering what your dreams are, what you are thinking about.  You are still so snuggly & such a sweetheart.  And yet you are growing in to a perfect young lady right before my eyes.  You definitely look like a “kid” now; no more baby in you!

Even though I’m not ready for you to grow up, it is a fantastic journey.  5 years have been the blink of an eye, and yet what was I doing before then?  You are so loved, my sweet girl.  Thank you for making me a mommy & giving me such purpose.  You are bound to do great things, both this year & in your lifetime. I am ready to go on this adventure with you!

Happy 5th birthday, my girl.

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