Steady As We Go…

3 Jul

July 2, 2005.

Dave & I got married!  It was a wonderful, whirlwind day that I feels both so close and so long ago.  I know that 7 years is not a particularly long time in the scheme of the marriages of our parents and grandparents (and even some of our siblings!) but I am happy to say that it has been an incredible 7 years.

It is funny to look back at the past 11 years & see how much each of us has grown.  We have grown as individuals, as a couple & as parents, & for that I am grateful.  I know a lot of young marriages don’t survive so I am happy that we have been able to grow together.  We have both developed new interests & hobbies, made new friends & discovered new things about ourselves.  All I can hope for is that we continue to do so.

Of course, Ella & Audrey have been such a catalyst in helping us develop as adults.  It has been quite a journey so far & I know we as parents have so much more ahead.  I hope our girls can learn from our marriage as much as we have learned from our parents & grandparents.  It is so important to have such great examples of strong relationships!  And at this point, I am also thankful that neither of our children is old enough (or exposed enough) to experience the reality TV frenzy & such things as Kim Kardashian’s ‘marriage’.  Hopefully by the time Ella & Audrey encounter these media blitzes, they will have enough role modeling from their family & friends to know how to build real relationships!

It is also funny to look at our wedding pictures, even just 7 years out.  To see who was there, who is no longer with us, how different people look now (including us!).  It was a truly lovely day.  I can’t remember everything about it because everything happened so fast!  At least to me.  Sometimes people tell me stories now about something that happened at our wedding & I just say “Really??”  I know there were a few mishaps here & there, but overall, it was such a perfect day that led to such a beautiful marriage.

Yesterday we celebrated our 7th anniversary in a very low-key manner.  Dave had to work, so the girls & I went swimming with friends.  We all went out to dinner at the most fabulous barbeque place of all, Pappy’s Smokehouse.  Then we went to Family Night at the Webster Groves carnival.  Ella was so happy to get a ride bracelet.  Audrey loved the little rides, too, even though she wanted to ride everything big.  We had funnel cake, too.

I think it was our best anniversary yet.  Even though our day ended with exhausted, whiny kids & wiped out, broke parents, we made family memories that are so priceless.

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