So NOT crazy…

19 Aug

After dealing with 2+ weeks of Ella not eating or sleeping well and having a runny nose, I decided to take her to the doctor yesterday.  I had been trying to convince myself that taking her was the right thing to do, that there had to be something wrong with my sweet little girl.  She’s usually so happy and playful and silly, and for the past couple of weeks, she has just been fussy and irritable and exhausting.  But I felt like I had no way to prove it.  No real fever, no terrible coughing or drop in dirty diapers.  She just hasn’t been herself.  

Luckily, they will still schedule an appointment with the doctor for you, even if they are thinking to themselves that you are a nut.  I have a very supportive husband who agreed that Ella has been not herself, so to the doctor we went.  And…I’m not crazy.  My lovely girl has a double ear infection!  Also, almost immediately, the pediatrician said that she could tell she wasn’t herself.  Whew.  Mommy instincts win!  Dr. B said that it’s good to see if the ear infections will clear themselves up (so kids aren’t on antibiotics constantly) but since Ella’s had symptoms for over 2 weeks, we should give her something.  Amoxicillin it is.  Hopefully soon our little Ellie Bean will be back to normal and so will our life!

We also discussed Ella’s horrible reaction to eggs.  So from now until age 3 (at least) she is on strict avoidance…no eggs or egg products, nothing with eggs in or near it.  Poor baby…no cookies, brownies, ice cream, mayo.  And no flu shot.  Since we are still nursing, I’m also on a no egg diet.  But I can still have cookies and pancakes and stuff.  Just not eggs straight up .  Which isn’t too big a deal since I don’t like them too much anyway.  We also got a pack of epipens because her reaction was so severe.  A bit scary, but better to be safe!

We are starting to implement Ella’s new schedule this week.  I’m hoping this will help to get a consistent nap routine going so that we can have a sane bedtime.  I’ll let you know how it goes! 

I guess I’ve learned from this that Mommy instincts are real and should given attention.  Even though I am sad my baby is sick, I’m glad that I knew something was wrong.  Mommy-1, Crazy-0.  

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  1. Maggie August 19, 2008 at 5:15 pm #

    Thanks goodness! I’m so glad that you found out what specifically was wrong. Even from your posts, etc. it sounded like she hasn’t been herself. I hope that all of you are in much better spirits soon!

  2. Annette September 14, 2008 at 5:39 pm #

    Love this picture. Love you.

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