9 Aug

You have to give credit when credit is due, and in China’s case, it is!  The opening ceremonies for the Olympics were spectacular!  15,000 performers in some of the most incredible acts of music, art, dance & history that I have ever seen.  It was captivating to watch and a great accomplishment for the Chinese people.  Congratulations to them!

I’m pretty pumped about the Olympics; I always seem to get excited about them.  I feel more closely connected to the world during those few weeks.  I have definitely gotten a pretty good Chinese education in the weeks leading up to this Olympic games.  I have my favorite sports to watch (sprinting, gymnastics, swimming & diving, beach volleyball, soccer) but I am always amazed at all of the athletes and their abilities.  Though I love America and usually cheer for the US to win events, I also love the underdog stories.  (Have you seen “Cool Runnings“?)  I love it when tiny little countries with maybe 5 athletes competing in the whole games win something.  It’s a feel-good story if ever there was one!  I am excited to have Ella watch the Olympics with us.  I hope it creates a sense of national pride and worldly excitement for her.  I have a hope that we will be able to go to London in 4 years to see the next summer Olympics.  (I also can’t believe that I will be 30 then!)

Enjoy the next few weeks watching sport at its finest!  Good luck to all of the athletes and thank you to China for a beautiful display!

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