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3 Jul

Time is flying!  The year is already half over!  Time seems to go much more quickly as I get older, and the summer, hot & miserable though it has been this year so far, seems to get exponentially quicker!  I remember when I was a kid & summer seemed to last forever.  Now it creeps up on me, flies by, and then passes quickly into winter.  Sometimes fall, but usually not for very long.

As I type, I have less than 50 days left in this pregnancy!  It’s hard to believe that in about 7 weeks, little Beyonce will make her appearance.  She is so wiggly & squirmy…I wonder if that personality will transfer to the outside world.  Her 3D ultrasound pictures look somewhat like Ella’s, but not exactly.  It is strange to think about having a child that will look different than my current child.  I want them to look different, but it will be interesting to see what traits this little girl picks up that are different from the ones Ella has.  I do hope she keeps the chubby leg trait, though…so cute!

Our busy summer continues.  Dave & I celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a couples massage, dinner & a night in our own house by ourselves!  Thanks to my parents for keeping Ella overnight.  Ella will start camp on Monday!  I am excited & nervous for her.  I tell myself that it will be good for both of us.  I hope that is true!  We have loved going to the pool, it’s been a great way to wear Ella out without killing myself in this unbearable heat!  She’s getting better & braver each time we swim.

And in about 3 weeks, Ella will turn 3!  My tiny little baby.  She is such an amazing little person.  I tell her every day how much I love being her momma because she astounds me every day with how observant & thoughtful she is, how much she loves to learn, explore, discover, how she gets sweeter, smarter, bigger, stronger each day.  She makes me laugh so much!  She is a chatterbox…very verbal.  And she loves to sing & dance.  Her favorite songs right now are “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, “Yankee Doodle” & “Watermelon”.  Though she sings so much, it’s hard to say that she even has a favorite.  She is finally getting her 2 year molars (late, I know!) so we’ve been dealing with a bit of drama with that.  But other than our bedtime struggles (which are getting better on some days with the use of a reward chart), Ella is truly an incredible little girl.  I try to soak up every minute that I have with her because I know that in a few years, she won’t be such a mommy’s girl & she’ll be more independent, more into her friends.  I’m jealous that I won’t be her favorite anymore, but I’m so excited to see where life takes her.

We’re trying to keep our August pretty low-key & unscheduled because you never know when this baby will decide to come out!  Probably right on time or late.  But you can’t be too sure.

Our pWnhACKzORz will celebrate our 5 year anniversary together in early August!  5 years of playing Halo together.  Yes, we are nerdy, but it is great to have such awesome friends to share your life with.

I do have pictures to put up of my adventure with Annette, Sara & Jared at the Town Trek, belly pictures, pictures of Ella doing various things this summer.  I’m trying to sort through them & get them uploaded in all the right places.  But they will be up soon!

Finally…someone buy our house please.

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