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There is no one alive who is Youer than You…

28 Aug

I am a week late, but happy second birthday my silly little Audrey Claire!

These past two years have just flown by.  It seems like we just brought you home from the hospital yesterday!  But so much has happened since then.  Some good, some bad, lots of in between.   But I can say this one thing for certain: you make all of our lives so much better!

You have your dramatic moments, that’s for sure.  You are as stubborn as the day is long.  But you make us all laugh every day.

You have grown up so much this year!  You love to play sports – especially anything that involves kicking balls.  You can catch & throw well, too!  And you love to jump, climb & run, despite your chunky short legs.  You have developed a love for dancing & singing this year, too.  As big sis Ella practiced for her musicals, you would watch intently & learn the songs & dances with her.  It is so cute to hear your little voice singing those songs right along with Ella.

You are (mostly) fearless!  We had such a mild winter that we spent more time outdoors & at parks than normal.  It became clear early on that as soon as you were walking, you were climbing to the highest point of the playground, Mom’s heart attack be damned!  You love going down the curly slides, except when “it’s too hot”.  You love to swim, too, unlike Ella at this age.  At swimming lessons this summer, you were eager to “kiss the water”, “blow bubbles”, “scoop”, “kick” & jump into the water with the “popcorn” rhyme.  Even though you weren’t the biggest fan of the ocean water in December, but in general you love being by water & are always asking to go swimming.  You also climb the stairs like a big kid, with no regard that you are too short to reach the railing.  Luckily, you haven’t toppled backwards yet, but I hold my breath every time I catch you doing it!

You have developed a love for princesses.  I’m sure this is influenced by big sis, but it is so cute to see you holding the princess barbies & playing with them, making them swim or dance or talk.  You love playing doctor & tea party with Ella.  Your artistic side is just starting, but you have become more interested in coloring, painting & play dough recently.  And you are very silly when you play.  You love to be tickled, chased, thrown up in the air, spun around.  Though you are more hands on (read: you like to hit!) than Ella ever was, your silly little laugh & gap-toothed smile are often enough to get you out of trouble.

You love reading & watching tv.  Some of your favorite shows right now are Backyardigans, Peep & the Big Wide World, Clifford the Big Red Dog, & My Little Pony.  You like the idea of watching movies, but you don’t sit still long enough to finish one yet.  You love to sing & dance to Laurie Berkner Band!  You love “Rocketship Run”, “Moon, Moon, Moon” & “We Are the Dinosaurs”.

I have never met a toddler who goes right to bed like you do!  Besides a few problems going to sleep when you & Ella are playing in your beds at night, you are such a good sleeper!  You ask for your binky (which you are great about just having in bed now) & your snuggle, & just cuddle up & go to bed.  You take such great naps, too.  Crap…I probably just jinxed it.  Well, it was really great while it lasted!

Your eating habits are getting better.  You love to eat, but are quite fickle.  Carbs & sweets are your favorites (can’t blame you there!) but you will occasionally eat veggies now & then.  Silly girl.

You are my rough & tumble girl who loves to wear dresses & pretty shoes, my chunky little monkey who loves to laugh, my crazy-haired snuggler.  You bring so much laughter & light to our lives.  I love you so much my Audrey Claire bear!

Happy two years!!

Audrey & her bear @ 2 years old!