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I Won’t Grow Up…

31 Jan

Ella recently had a 4 night run in the local middle school production of Peter Pan.  She was in the chorus, so her roles included Londoner child, pirate, lost girl, Indian and fairy.

When she first decided to try out with her friend Delaney (knowing they’d both be allowed to participate if they wanted), I was worried that she might be too shy or have trouble remembering all of the words to all of the songs.  After the first couple of rehearsals, I feared that I was right.  She would go to the front of the group & watch very nicely.  Occasionally, she would sing quietly, but almost always looking down.  We practiced at home with the help of the video blogs on the website (great idea!) & Ella would sing loudly & proudly in the car or at home.

But never at practice.

Then, as the show neared & practices increased to once or twice a week, & Ella learned that she was going to get to be a fairy, she started to perk up a little.

She saw the big stage at the high school and perked up a little more.

On the night of the dress rehearsal, as we were driving, all of our costumes in tow, I told Ella that she needed to sing loud enough for people in the audience to hear her.  She took it to heart.

No one was louder than my sweet little Ella Kate!  It was quite an amusing sight (& sound).  Ella was singing/yelling all the lyrics she knew, whenever she was supposed to sing.  Sometimes she would sing when she wasn’t supposed to and sometimes she’d just yell whatever gibberish words she thought were the lyrics.  And she was so proud of herself and had so much fun.  After the last performance on Saturday night, she was so sad that Peter Pan was over.  She asked if she could do it again & have a part on stage the whole time.

I have a feeling that I may be a stage mommy in the upcoming years.

As a post-script to Ella’s stardom-to-be, Audrey may try to give her big sister a run for her money some day.  Ella practiced at home with the videos enough that Audrey learned a few of the dance moves and songs.  During “Ug-A-Wug”, Audrey will cheerfully yell “woo!” at the appropriate times, and during “I Won’t Grow Up”, Audrey raises her hands up to indicate that she’ll “never grow up, not me” just like her big sis.

I have a couple of hams on my hands here.

Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic…

17 Jan

It happened.

I got an email yesterday about Kindergarten registration.  My heart just about stopped.

In the back of my mind, I knew she was going to go to Kindergarten at some point.  And truthfully, it’s not really Kindergarten that bothers me so much.  It’s everything that starting Kindergarten implies.

She’s starting school; we can never go back from here.  I will never get to have her at home with me all day.  I won’t get to take her places in the middle of the week just for fun.  No more snuggle sessions at rest time.  She won’t be home during the day to entertain little sis when Mommy needs a shower.

And what comes after Kindergarten is terrifying.  Elementary school, middle school, high school…then she will leave me.  And I KNOW it is several years in the making, it’s really not going to happen overnight.  But it SCARES me!  Once she starts school, it’s going to be a whirlwind of meet-the-teachers, school events, meeting new friends, growing, changing, gaining independence.  Once it all starts, it’s going to start flying by.  I won’t get these quieter, care-free days back.  And it definitely pulls on my heart strings.

I am excited for her, too.  I know she will love school, love her teachers, her new friends.  I hope that she learns new things everyday that she is excited to share with us.  I hope she gains confidence and independence and pride.  I hope that everything she’s been doing with me at home turns out to be helpful in some way.

There is still some debate in our house whether or not Ella will actually go to Kindergarten next year or not.  Her birthday is very close to the cut-off; she squeaks in just before.  But it makes her one of the youngest kids in the class.  She will turn 5(!) only a couple of weeks before school starts, whereas some other kids will have turned 6 just a few days after her.  Is she really ready for that?  Is she too young?  Will she be successful?  Will she get overwhelmed?  There are so many questions, so many concerns, so many possible outcomes.  And I’m not certain that there is one correct answer.  But Dave & I are trying to work out what will be the best for her, whether that is to start Kindergarten this fall or to wait and start her next fall.  There are pros and cons to both in my opinion. There are several factors to consider and hopefully whatever we eventually decide will work out the best for our sweet Ella Kate.

A tiny little greedy part of me wants to keep her at home for another year just because she’s mine and I don’t want to let anyone else have her yet.  I know that can’t be the deciding factor, but a mother’s love has to count for something, right?

525,600 Minutes…

1 Jan

I love seeing how much the girls have grown up every year!

Ella Kate


Giant Ant!








Baby, you can drive my car

















Audrey Claire


Nom nom nom
























I have to confess, I can’t find any individual pictures of the girls from any time in November!  I don’t know what we were doing that we didn’t take any pictures, but there are none to be found.  So for November for each girl, I inserted an extra pic from sometime in the year that happens to be cute.

It’s amazing how much Audrey’s hair grew from August to December!  And Ella got so tall this year, losing that toddler/baby fat & looking like a little girl.

They both make me smile & laugh every day.  I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings for them!