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I Don’t Care if I Ever Get Back…

28 Oct

I believe last night we witnessed one of the most exciting, craziest, heart-pumping, stomach-churning baseball games of all time.

Despite all the errors, runners left in scoring position, dropped balls, etc., I cannot remember a game in which I have felt both more heartbroken and fanatical at the same time.  What a roller coaster ride for my Cardinals-beating heart!

There were times last night when it looked like the Cardinals had given up.  It looked like they had no heart left, that they didn’t care enough to win, that they were just going to give it up & let the Rangers trash our locker room.

And then amazing started happening.

We came up in the bottom of the ninth, down to our last hope, and David Freese hit a 2-run triple to tie the game.  What a momentum shift!  Of course, as our season has gone, the Cardinal batters could not get Freese home from 3rd.  So we headed into extra innings.

At this moment, I knew something bad was going to happen.  I knew leaving Freese at third was no good.  And Josh Hamilton jacked a 2-run home run.  Heartbreak.  I could feel the Champagne in the Rangers locker room getting bubblier.

And then, somehow, as the Rangers chose to walk Pujols in the bottom of the 10th to get to Berkman, the Cardinals pulled it off again.  Another comeback.  More fireworks, more heart racing.  But, of course, we left people on base.  Again.  To the 11th.

By some miracle of the baseball gods, we got out of an inning without giving up a home run.  And we lived to fight again for a Game 7.

I couldn’t watch.  I had to mostly cover my eyes.  With my heart pounding in my ears, I knew that we had to win it.  I told David Freese through the TV when he came up that it was either Go Yard or Go Home.

And then it happened.  As that ball sailed into the grass, as Freese was rounding the bases & the Cardinals dugout cleared in hysterical happiness, Cardinal Nation was given one more game.  As Joe Buck channeled his legendary father by inviting us to “tomorrow night”, as we heard neighbors cheering around midnight, as our 4 year old slept next to the radio broadcast of this incredible finish…Hometown Hero was anointed.

No matter what happens tonight, this post season, this World Series has been the most exciting sports spectacle I’ve ever witnessed.  From the improbable entry into the playoffs to the Game 6, a more hold-your-breath month of baseball I have never seen.

A friend asked me why we put ourselves through this agony, this stress of Cardinal love.  My only thought was back to watching Freese’s home run last night.

Because, even for just a moment, you feel invincible with him.  With the team.

And for that, I will take the extra gray hairs.