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A Place for Everything…

27 Sep

I mentioned a few months back that I was going to get on my organizing horse & try to whip my house into shape.

Time for a progress report!  I wish I had before & after pictures, but I do not.

It took a while to really get going, partially out of business, laziness, lack of time.  Partially out of feeling overwhelmed at how much stuff we have vs. how little space we have to keep it.  The latter part is still a problem, though we are slowly getting through the reduce, recycle, donate, throw away portion of organizing.

I started with organizing our medicine & first aid supplies.  Though I do still have the bag of expired, unused medicine (trying to find out where to leave it!) the reorganization is working great!  I put adult medicine in one basket, kids medicine in another & the medicine measurers in a third, all labeled.  The only stumping point I came to was right after I had reorganized the medicine, our dog had surgery & now has some medicines…she doesn’t have a basket.  Our first aid supplies & our nail clippers/polish/polish remover went into a stacked tote with a lid.  It’s much easier to access & find what we need now & the nail clippers are out of reach of little hands!

Dave & I also sorted through our clothes & we reorganized our closet.  It’s such a relief to feel like you’re gaining control of your life by just organizing your clothes!  It’s also funny to see what you’ve kept & why.  We limited ourselves to a certain number of t-shirts each, because we’ve accumulated so many over the years that they were taking over our closet!  Now it is so much easier to choose something to wear…we only have clothes in our closet that we WILL wear.  After our closet, I attacked the girls’ closet.  The hanging shelves just weren’t doing the trick, and I had to go through the sizes of their clothes for the upcoming season.  Even since I’ve done that, Ella has grown & I will probably have to go through her stuff again soon!  But I decided to go with a 2×4 cube shelf for each girl, plus one hanging shelf in the middle.  It’s not perfect, because there is very little space for hanging their dresses, but for now, it is working much better.  They each have 6 canvas drawers & 2 open shelves for shoes & binkies.  And the shelf along the top of their closet is much better, too!  Now I just have to get their outsized clothes organized into tubs & build this for my basement.

The kitchen got a major overhaul.  We decided to take a leap & move everything around in our cabinets & pantry.  We got full size (as opposed to the half length already in there) shelves cut for our pantry.  Then we moved our plates, bowls, pans, pots & baking stuff into the pantry.  We moved snacks, cans & other food into cabinets.  We were also able to reorganize everything in the cabinets since Audrey is finished with bottles; we were able to move some stuff into the cabinets that was previously out on the counters!  It has cleared up a lot of space & has been working nicely so far.

Unfortunately, that’s kind of where I’ve stopped right now.  I did move the extra sheets to a box under Ella’s bed, and I reorganized our coat closet.  But I haven’t figured out a good way to reorganize the towels yet & I’m still searching for the best way to organize our cleaning products to finish out our linen closet organization.

Our biggest project will be our laundry/storage room.  There is a lot of stuff in there that needs to be sorted through & it’s going to take both Dave & I with a free few hours…not a common occurrence.  We will also be reorganizing the play area some, and eventually the garage.

But I feel successful so far!  I’m hoping to get to the play area & the laundry/storage room by the end of the year.

Keep sending me your great ideas for organizing those areas!

Love was made for you and me…

8 Sep

I’m in love.

It’s only been a week and a half, but it was love at first sight.

You’re definitely not my type, so I was shocked when I fell head over heels so quickly.

The moment I laid eyes on your automatically opening & closing doors and your rear entertainment system, I had my own Jerry Maguire moment.

I introduced you to my family and they loved you right away, too.  Ella couldn’t wait to show you off to everyone we met.  Even little Audrey loves your built in sunshades.

Your backup camera, easy to use LATCH & convex mirror to keep an eye on the kids have made travel safer for us all.  You really know how to please a Momma.

When we learned of your cool box, USB port & tailgate seats, we knew it was a match made in heaven for our family.  Ella started soccer practice that same day…destiny was calling!

Even though a small part of me feels like I caved a bit on my strong feelings against you previously, I know that it was just a matter of time before I met the perfect match.  2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L(RES), I hope you’ll be a part of our family for a long, long time.