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One Foot in Front of the Other…

12 Apr

Being a stay at home mom is tiring.  I greatly admire moms who work because just having this one job is keeping me exhausted enough as it is, I can’t imagine working two jobs.

Today alone, I’ve already:

  • made 3 different breakfasts, fed Audrey her breakfast & cleaned up breakfast
  • gotten 2 kids cleaned up & dressed, and got myself dressed (this doesn’t always happen if we don’t have anywhere to go)
  • made sure Ella had everything for school, put both girls in the car & dropped Ella off at school
  • stopped at Hobby Lobby to check out bows & headbands for family pictures
  • stopped by the bank to deposit checks & get cash for the lawn kid
  • came home, fed & changed Audrey, caught up on emails
  • put Audrey back in the car, picked up Ella from school
  • made 3 lunches & fed Audrey
  • washed all the dishes from the past 2 days since our dishwasher is leaking
  • washed, peeled, sliced & steamed a bag of apples & carrots
  • heated up frozen peas & blueberries
  • used above ingredients to puree food to freeze for Audrey
  • played with tea party with Ella & Audrey
  • folded laundry & started diapers in laundry
  • blogged

And it’s only 2:45.  I’m sure I’ve done other stuff, too, but my brain doesn’t always catch up until later in the day when I actually slow down a bit.  Almost every day is this busy!  Granted, it’s not always the same busy stuff (I don’t make baby food every day…more like once every 2-3 weeks) but there’s almost always SOMETHING that I need to do.

I’m trying to figure out a way to work an exercise schedule back into my routine, but it’s been difficult.  I think I’m going to have to try to squeeze it into the early morning routine, perhaps just jogging on the trail after breakfast or something.  I like going to the gym, but their child care hours are not particularly convenient for me right now, especially if we want to do anything else in the morning.

I also want to take more pictures of the girls!  I feel like I’m so rushed & busy (even when we’re just going to the park or to a playdate) that I forget to take pictures.  I really want to try to get some new pictures of them up on this blog once a week or so.  I have a really cute video of Ella making Audrey laugh that I will attempt to put up later today.

Even though I rarely have time for myself, I’m usually pretty scrubby looking, I’m not as fit as I could be & my brain is frazzled, I wouldn’t change my job for any other one in the world.  I LOVE being home with my girls.