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I Need to Move…

2 Feb

This winter has been unbearable.

I realize that I am very lucky in so many ways, and I am incredibly grateful to have a warm home and plenty of food to eat.

But this winter is driving me to the mad house.

The snow was pretty for Christmas, but I’m really over it now.  Ella has yet ANOTHER snow day tomorrow because of ice, making 4 or 5 snow days.  Plus we were just on vacation last week, so she missed another 2 days.  I feel so bad for her missing out on stuff, missing her friends and her routine.

I need the sunshine.  I need warm air, bugs, long days, park trips, swimming, snow cones, Cards games, LIFE.  I’ve only been home from Florida for a few days and I’m already feeling the winter “blahs” again!  I think I get more depressed and stir crazy every winter.  Each year, winter seems longer and duller and more dead.  I don’t know what to do about it besides get a winter home somewhere warm & sunny and just get the hell out of here. Somewhere in the Caribbean maybe.  Florida, California, Texas…or maybe I should just move to the southern hemisphere during the winter so I just get 2 summers.

I’m so much more motivated to do stuff when it’s nice outside, too.  Even silly stuff like laundry is much easier in the warmer months.  I don’t want to drag myself downstairs into the cold basement to switch the laundry around, not to mention there’s always so much more in the winter because you wear more layers AND the clothes are bigger & bulkier.  Blah!  And I actually LIKE exercising in the summer.  I can run inside or outside, I can swim, I can run around on the playground with Ella…possibilities are so much more pleasant.  I haven’t been to the gym since November when the girls started getting sick because I can’t bear the thought of another month of trips to the pediatrician’s office.

Oh, and the food!  Fresh fruits and veggies, grilled foods, iced tea, ice cream cones, watermelon…life is so much better when it’s warm.

Flip flops.

Flowers, green grass, trees full of leaves, birds chirping.

Get me out of this wintry abyss right now.