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Happiness is…

13 Oct

- cuddling in bed in the morning with my 2 beautiful daughters

- watching Ella love Audrey more than I could have ever anticipated

- eating apples straight from the tree

- smelling Fall on a long morning walk

- an extra hour of sleep when you least expect it

- gathering with your friends to celebrate, or just because

- Audrey’s first smiles and gurgles

- listening to all that Ella learned in 2 1/2 hours at school

- sweating from running instead of sleeping

- catching up on TV & eating ice cream with my husband

- laughing at how smart & stubborn a 3 year old can be

- soaking up every newborn moment I can before she grows up

- reading a book that reminds you to love first

- being surrounded by a family that loves your kids as much as you do

- the smell of clean kids in PJs & the sound of their breathing as they sleep

- hearing a song that reminds you of something fun in your life

- waking up to already made coffee

- 2 healthy, vibrant, intelligent, beautiful, caring, sweet, funny girls sharing my days with me

I feel like I take all of these things, and so many more, for granted sometimes.  I need to remind myself to slow down and enjoy my babies, my life, my family, my friends.  Life goes by very quickly sometimes and it seems to be speeding up.  I wish I could freeze everything until I was ready to move on, but since I can’t, I have to soak up all that I can.  I want to relish this time because I know that, in the blink of an eye, I will have teenagers that no longer want to snuggle with me, play with me, be silly with me.

I am so lucky.