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Life in the Fast Lane…

7 Sep

I already have “mommy guilt” for Audrey.  She is only 2 1/2 weeks old, but, in a way, I feel bad for her.

When Ella was born, I was becoming a stay-at-home-mom.  She was the entire world to me!  I was learning how to be a mom, what to do during the day, paying super close attention to everything I was supposed to be doing…was she getting enough tummy time?  Was she eating, pooping & peeing enough?  Was she sleeping enough & at the right times?

Every day was an adventure.  Since newborns sleep often & pretty much wherever they are, we were free to roam the city!  We visited my mom at work, my dad at home, my grandparents, friends, Target, the library, the Zoo…anywhere we wanted to go!  And that’s how it was, even as she got older.  We expanded our places to visit as she has become more interested in different things & made new friends.  For the most part, Ella & I have been on the go for 3 years!  We make playdates or just go do something fun.

And now Audrey is here.

Again, she is a newborn who sleeps most of the time & wherever we are, but instead of slowing life down for her, she has just been on the ride of Ella’s life.  We have “taken it easy” the past couple of weeks.  I couldn’t do a ton of walking for a while & there are days when I’m pretty exhausted.  But ever since we brought Audrey home, we’ve still been on the go.  We have been trying to keep Ella busy, make her feel like she’s not losing her lifestyle, her fun just because Audrey is here.

And part of me feels guilty that Audrey is just tagging along & not getting that undivided, sit at home for a few weeks & stare at you, new baby attention.  There have been times when Dave has taken Ella somewhere on his own so that Audrey & I can sleep, relax, etc.  And we do have a couple of hours in the evening (and all night) to fawn over her while Ella is in bed.  But we also drag her around to the park, the pool, on walks, to playdates.

Maybe that’s just part of being not the first child.  You don’t get as much “ooh-ing & aahh-ing” as the first baby.  Audrey is definitely just as loved as Ella.  But she’s so portable right now, so easy (eat, sleep, poop, repeat) that if we didn’t start taking her out now, we’d probably regret it in a couple of months when she starts to protest.

Even if Audrey is getting the 2nd child treatment, she has 3 people at home who adore her instead of 2.  And maybe that makes up for everything else.

The More Things Change…

4 Sep

Audrey Claire Morley

August 19, 2010

3:29 pm

7 lbs, 15 oz

20 in

Audrey’s birth story is a bit different than Ella’s, but still amazing & wonderful.

Audrey was a very wiggly girl in the womb.  She was always moving around: kicking, punching, stretching, hiccuping…it felt like a circus act in my belly.  My sleep was intermittent at best anyway, so I definitely noticed when Audrey wasn’t wiggly one night (okay, morning…it was about 2:30 am).  I tried all the tricks to get her to move around…laying on my left side, drinking some orange juice, poking her…nothing seemed to work.  After about an hour, I started really freaking out.  “Baby not moving” is one of the four things my OB told me to go to the hospital for.  So we woke Ella up at 3:30, called my parents & headed to Missouri Baptist.

I was just anticipating a check: strap the monitor on to check her heartbeat, maybe an ultrasound.  They did strap the monitors on, both for Audrey & to measure contractions.  (I’d been having contractions all week, but nothing in a regular enough pattern to constitute active labor).  They found her heartbeat right away and of course, after being poked & prodded & checked, she was moving around again.  The nurse said they’d keep me on the monitors for an hour & call my OB.

I wasn’t expecting her to come back & say they were going to keep me & induce active labor.  I was not exactly happy to hear this, even though I was definitely ready to have the baby.  I knew more things could go wrong if I was induced & I didn’t want a C-section or the baby to have more problems or a more difficult labor.  But I trust my OB & I knew that he was making the best decision based on all of the information we had.  Audrey’s heart rate had dropped with the few contractions I’d had while on the monitors & my doctor didn’t want to take any chances that something could go wrong in the next several days.  Since I was 1 day before my due date, it was safer to go ahead with the induction than to  have me worrying every night if she stopped moving and keep her inside if there was a possibility that something was or could go wrong while I was having contractions on my own.

So they moved me to a labor & delivery room, we called my parents, Dave went home to get our bags & other stuff & I got hooked up to my IV & pitocin around 5 am.  It took a couple of hours for it to sink in that I was going to have the baby that day!  I was so worried in the middle of the night & now she was going to be here in just a few hours!  My OB came in around 7am & broke my water (not particularly comfortable).  I labored for about 4 hours without an epidural (I made it to about 5 cm) then decided around 11 that I was ready to be rid of the pain.  As with Ella, the epidural wasn’t working very well on my left side.  I had to lay on my left side for hours (my right leg swelled up…but I couldn’t feel anything in that side at all).  After a couple of boosters in my epidural, I was finally feeling pressure but no more pain.  My epidural was working completely for only about an hour (maybe less…time is so strange when you’re in labor & on lots of drugs) before I was ready to deliver Audrey.

I only had to push through about 3 sets of contractions before Audrey Claire was born!  I even got to help pull her out & up to my chest. She was beautiful & looked so tiny compared to the big 3 year old I’m used to holding.  I got to hold her for quite a while before they cleaned her off & wrapped her up.

My parents, brother & Ella Kate came to visit around 5:30.  It was the most amazing thing in the world to watch Ella meet her little sister.  Ella was so intrigued, gentle & loving.  She said that Audrey was “beautiful” & “perfect”.  I couldn’t agree more.

Being home & adjusting to life as a family of 4 has been fun, exhausting, wonderful.  Audrey has already been to several parks, the City Garden & some play dates!  She is doing well keeping up with her sister.  Ella has been the best big sister we could ask for.  She loves to hold Audrey, to admire her, to help.  She wants Audrey to sleep with her in her bed, but so far we’ve avoided that.  The only problem we are running into right now is that Ella isn’t napping most days.  Which is bad.  Momma needs a nap.  Audrey sleeps well, but still nurses every couple of hours at night which means I need a nap.

Dave goes back to work on Tuesday & even though he’ll be at home, I’m still a bit nervous about my life alone with 2 girls!  Ella starts dance class & school soon which I think will be a good outlet for her to play with other kids, wear herself out & socialize.  I’m also hoping it makes her want to nap.

It’s been an incredible 2 weeks since Audrey’s birth.  She is a great baby & fits in perfectly with our family.  It’s already hard to remember what having 1 kid was like!  But even though Ella isn’t my one & only anymore, she’s still my first baby, my special girl.  I’m so proud of her for being such a fantastic big sister & daughter.  I can’t wait to see how much fun the girls will have in a few months!