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Worth at least 1000 words…

28 Jul

A quick glance at our summer:

Fun in the pool with Ella Rose & Ava

Pool fun

I grew a little strawberry!

I grew a strawberry!

It was very tasty.

It's very tasty!

Watching volleyball practice after a swim

Swimming pool hair

Ice cream break

We all scream for ice cream!

‘zOrz teams 1 & 2 @ the Town Trek.  We had to figure out a list of clues that led us to different destinations around downtown & the Central West End.  Other than one address mistake, we did an awesome job & finished in under 3 hours.  We estimate that we ended up walking around 7 miles.  They probably would have done it much more quickly if my pregnant self wasn’t slow.  But it was a lot of fun & we hope to do it again next year!

'zORz teams 1  & 2

Last stop...finally!

Ella in her 4th of July tutu waiting for the Webster parade to start.  She & Drew had fun watching the parade (once it finally arrived!) and collecting the little amount of candy they threw at these 2.  Maybe they just look too little for candy?  We all went to lunch soon afterward because it was too hot to sit in the sunshine for too long.

Waiting for the parade

Ella’s first day of camp at her new school!  She had such a great time & was a really good girl.  She never cried, just went right on in to the classroom & started playing with toys!  I’m guessing she’s going to have a lot of fun in the fall, too.

First day of school

Dave & I (with some help from donations of bed, mattress & box springs) put together a “big girl bed” for Ella for her birthday.  When she got home from school on her birthday, we let her go into her room & see her new bed!  She loved it.  She picked out the owl/nature theme…I just added the balloons to make it more exciting.

Wow!  Balloons!

Big girl bed!

For her birthday dinner, Ella chose to have blueberry pancakes!  Yum!  A girl after my own heart…I love breakfast, too.  She blew out her candle in her birthday pancake stack.

Birthday pancakes!

Ella & my brother Chris have birthdays quite close together, so we celebrated with a joint family party.  They both got to blow out candles on the cake!  Happy 3rd to Ella & happy 25th to Chris!

Double birthday cake!

Our birthday picture tradition: taking a picture of Ella with her big bear (a gift from my Uncle Kevin).

Ella at 1 month:

Ella & bear @ 1 month

Ella at 1 year:

Ella & bear @ 1

Ella at 2 years:

Ella & bear @ 2

Ella at 3 years:


She has grown so much, but that sweet little smile still melts my heart!  I can’t believe she is 3 years old!

I have pictures from her birthday party at the Little Gym with her friends & other pictures from the summer (a visit to Kirksville, first dentist visit, etc) but I thought this would be enough for now.

We only have about 3 weeks until baby Beyonce is due to make her appearance!  I hope to get all the pictures & blog posts up that I need to before she gets here…wish me luck!

When You’re Having Fun…

3 Jul

Time is flying!  The year is already half over!  Time seems to go much more quickly as I get older, and the summer, hot & miserable though it has been this year so far, seems to get exponentially quicker!  I remember when I was a kid & summer seemed to last forever.  Now it creeps up on me, flies by, and then passes quickly into winter.  Sometimes fall, but usually not for very long.

As I type, I have less than 50 days left in this pregnancy!  It’s hard to believe that in about 7 weeks, little Beyonce will make her appearance.  She is so wiggly & squirmy…I wonder if that personality will transfer to the outside world.  Her 3D ultrasound pictures look somewhat like Ella’s, but not exactly.  It is strange to think about having a child that will look different than my current child.  I want them to look different, but it will be interesting to see what traits this little girl picks up that are different from the ones Ella has.  I do hope she keeps the chubby leg trait, though…so cute!

Our busy summer continues.  Dave & I celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a couples massage, dinner & a night in our own house by ourselves!  Thanks to my parents for keeping Ella overnight.  Ella will start camp on Monday!  I am excited & nervous for her.  I tell myself that it will be good for both of us.  I hope that is true!  We have loved going to the pool, it’s been a great way to wear Ella out without killing myself in this unbearable heat!  She’s getting better & braver each time we swim.

And in about 3 weeks, Ella will turn 3!  My tiny little baby.  She is such an amazing little person.  I tell her every day how much I love being her momma because she astounds me every day with how observant & thoughtful she is, how much she loves to learn, explore, discover, how she gets sweeter, smarter, bigger, stronger each day.  She makes me laugh so much!  She is a chatterbox…very verbal.  And she loves to sing & dance.  Her favorite songs right now are “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, “Yankee Doodle” & “Watermelon”.  Though she sings so much, it’s hard to say that she even has a favorite.  She is finally getting her 2 year molars (late, I know!) so we’ve been dealing with a bit of drama with that.  But other than our bedtime struggles (which are getting better on some days with the use of a reward chart), Ella is truly an incredible little girl.  I try to soak up every minute that I have with her because I know that in a few years, she won’t be such a mommy’s girl & she’ll be more independent, more into her friends.  I’m jealous that I won’t be her favorite anymore, but I’m so excited to see where life takes her.

We’re trying to keep our August pretty low-key & unscheduled because you never know when this baby will decide to come out!  Probably right on time or late.  But you can’t be too sure.

Our pWnhACKzORz will celebrate our 5 year anniversary together in early August!  5 years of playing Halo together.  Yes, we are nerdy, but it is great to have such awesome friends to share your life with.

I do have pictures to put up of my adventure with Annette, Sara & Jared at the Town Trek, belly pictures, pictures of Ella doing various things this summer.  I’m trying to sort through them & get them uploaded in all the right places.  But they will be up soon!

Finally…someone buy our house please.