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It’s a…..

16 Mar


Despite all of the thought that it’d be a boy (familial pattern, different pregnancy/symptoms, etc), it’s definitely a healthy, active baby girl!

I’m so excited for Ella to have a sister!  I do not have any sisters, so I can’t share any wisdom with her.  But it will be so much fun to watch them grow up together & teach me about sisterhood.  This is also beneficial to us because we already have all the girl stuff!  We should be able to use most of Ella’s clothes & stuff since they are both summer babies.  I’m sure we’ll get some new stuff for the new girl, too, but it’s great that we can reuse all of Ella’s cute outfits, too!  Plus, Ella’s room is already pink, so if we don’t sell our house & they have to share for a while (TIGHT SQUEEZE!) at least we don’t have to redecorate!

It was also incredibly great to see that everything is going well in there with her.  All of her parts are present & in working order.  She’s measuring right on time, for an estimated due date of around August 20, 2010!  (Ella’s was July 20, 2007.  She was born on Saturday July 21.  This year, August 20 & 21 are also a Friday & Saturday!  How freaky).  Her heartbeat was strong (157) & she was VERY WIGGLY!  And not at all modest.  We knew with the first ultrasound shot that she was a girl.  It is so amazing to see all of their little bones & movements during the ultrasound.  So tiny (6 oz) yet still a little person!  Life is truly fantastic.

Ella has already decided to name her sister “Princess” or “Birthday”, which are 2 of her very favorite things, so we know they’ll be close.

I do have a couple of cool ultrasound pictures that I will post once I get a chance to scan them somewhere.  For now, I’ll post a couple more pictures of my “outside” baby!

Ella & I went to Chesterfield Mall with Grandma one Friday to check out a new store called Crazy 8.  It is very cute & had a ton of stuff I wanted to buy.  We only left with 2 shirts & a pair of totally cute jean capris, but we have a coupon & will go back.  While we were there, Ella rode the carousel with Grandma!  They had a lot of fun!  (Sorry for the picture quality…mall lighting is not great & trying to take moving pictures is also difficult)

We have also started a different music class.  It’s the same teacher we had before, but in a different place.  Ella has so much fun with Miss Michelle’s class & loves playing with her friends there!

This is Ella, Genevieve & Ally playing the piano.  Ella’s friends Ava & Mary Margaret are also in our music class.  She LOVES her friends!

Happy March & St. Patrick’s Day!  Have a green beer for me.

What We’ve Been Up To…

16 Mar

I’m trying to keep myself distracted for the next hour before I leave for my ultrasound to find out about the health & gender of our new baby!  So I’m blogging.  I thought about cleaning, but figured that could wait until later.  Plus, I missed last week, so here’s an update!

Ella & I have been very busy this year so far.

We started a new Little Gym semester, but had fun getting a medal at the end of the last one:

I took Ella to her first Blues game:

Ella & her friend Sophia played dress up & kitchen at Once Upon a Bash:

And Ella had fun with her playgroup friends & Mom @ the Magic House:

Soon, I will upload the pictures currently on my camera to share our other activities.

Baby Morley’s gender post to come later today!

I Know a Girl, She Puts the Color Inside of My World…

4 Mar

Staying at home with Ella is absolutely the BEST job I’ve ever had.

Even though I’m still getting up as early as I would for a job (does anyone know how to make Ella sleep later than 5:30?), I love how flexible my days are.  Yes, we have a good schedule that includes a nice nap time, but for the most part, our days are whatever we want them to be.  Ella is enrolled in a music class and a gymnastics class, both of which she really enjoys.  She has made several friends in these classes and also loves the teachers.  We are part of a playgroup that meets up once a week.  We make the gatherings when we can, and Ella has known a few of those kids since she was only 5 weeks old!

When we aren’t in class or at playgroup, we like to visit the library.  Ella loves checking out books!  We also visit grandpa and GG’s sometimes.  I have tried to take Ella shopping on occasion (other than small errands) but now that she is mobile, verbal & independent, this is usually unsuccessful.  She doesn’t like to stay in a stroller for very long.  We both cannot wait for the weather to warm up (come on, spring!) so we can go back to the park!

There is another side to being a stay at home parent.  It can be very lonely.

Dave works from home sometimes, so that is helpful.  But often, the only person I talk to for most of my day is Ella.  It’s hard to have little to no adult conversation or interaction every day.  It’s hard to have no help when your sweet princess is not being so sweet.  It’s also hard to get things done that you thought would be easy by staying at home!  Sometimes our laundry takes a few days.  Grocery store visits with Ella are pretty difficult…she likes to touch EVERYTHING.  If we have to run to Target for dog food & dish soap, it is always an ordeal.  Ella will not sit in the cart & if she gets distracted by something, you better believe she’ll throw down right in the middle of the aisle.  She has been known to take off running the other direction.  It’s embarrassing, sure.  But more than that, it’s frustrating.  I know she’s asserting her independence.  But for the love, I just need to grab some dog food & Dawn & get out of here!  I did not sign up for chasing a 2 year old through the toy aisles!

Despite the lonely and trying times, I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to stay home with Ella.  All of her smiles and silly laughs and hugs and “I love you”s make it worthwhile.  Ella is going to start going to school a couple of mornings a week pretty soon.  It scares me!  I am excited about having a few free hours a week, but it’s also terrifying to think that my baby is old enough (and ready!) to go to school!  And don’t even get me started on Kindergarten.  That is creeping up much too quickly.

Ella Kate Morley, class of 2025.