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Oh, the Leaves are Red & Yellow in the Fall…

20 Nov

Since it has been busy, sickly & rainy around here, I haven’t had a lot of time to blog. I have several pictures from October to post, to show you what we’ve been doing.
Here is a brief update (while I wait for the pics to upload):
- I was hoping I would never have to post about my baby becoming a crazy nightmare, but we’ve reached that point. She is still an amazing, fun girl most of the time. But we’ve had a couple of days lately where hugs are replaced by slaps, “I love you” is replaced by “NO!!” and 3 hour naps are replaced by 2 hours of Ella screaming & playing in her bed, followed by 5 more hours of cranky afternoon toddler. So, needless to say, I am hoping that this is just a (very quickly passing) phase. Weather, teeth, skill building…any excuse will do as long as I can sometime soon get my little girl back.
- We’ve decided to take our house off of the market for the winter. We’ll most likely put it back on in the early spring, but things have slowed to a standstill & it’s not worth our time right now.
- Dave’s crazy project is almost over! So we might get to see him again soon.
- I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving & Christmas is only a few weeks away! I have a lot to do. And Ella is keenly aware of Santa’s “Naughty & Nice” list this year. See above.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, pictures from October!