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No day but today…

25 Jun

I know, I am lazy.  My poor blog has been neglected & unloved.  I promise I have been THINKING about all kinds of cool things to write about.  But then when I have time (rarely) I am too lazy to do it.  Sad face.

So I will try to sum up a few things that I have been meaning to post about for a while.

1. End of Season/Series TV

- House: I was floored that the whole Cuddy thing was a hallucination!  I’m glad he went to rehab…I think.  And I wish that Cameron & Chase would just break up.  So. annoying.  At least the characters are sticking around, unlike…

- Grey’s Anatomy: Oh. My. God.  I seriously got chills when I realized that the crazy-messed-up-face-hero-man was George!  I was really sad…and also apparently out of the loop.  I had no idea that TR Knight was thinking of leaving (or has already left?) the show!  I knew that Katherine Heigl was having problems with the writers or producers or whatever (so over her anyway) but if Izzy & George both leave after all the other turn around they’ve had, Grey’s might be jumping the shark!  I guess we’ll see what actually happens in September.

- Prison Break:  Series finale!  So sad because Wentworth Miller is dreamy.  We need more of him on TV pronto!  I think this show ended well (how many times can you really escape from prison?) but I was really ticked that Michael (Wentworth Miller) died in the epilogue!  WHAT?!?!?  Yes, he had some brain problem, but the “company” supposedly fixed it!  And his mom had it, too, and she didn’t die!  WTF!  Come on, at least let some other less important (okay, and less hot!) person die!  Like…anyone else on the show!  RIP Michael.  And Prison Break.

- LOST:  Still haven’t caught up yet, so PLEASE DON’T SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME!   I’m still not super excited about this show, I think it is too all over the place.  But I feel a compelling obligation to watch it just to find out what happened to Claire.  Yes, we will find out next season!

2. Disney World!  Dave has been working some intense, crazy hours testing a program (programs?) that are to be implemented next month.  This has sucked for our family because we have spent very little time together, which has made getting our house ready to sell very difficult.  So we decided that when the craziness is over, we are going to Disney World!  We got a great deal for a flight/hotel combo and Dave’s parents are coming, too!  SO EXCITED!  Ella will be free & we’re going on Dave’s birthday (Happy 28!) so he’ll be free, too!  WOO!  We’re going to Magic Kingdom for 1 day & that’s probably it.  No need to stress out a 2 year old, right?  So any suggestions for what to do on our other full day there are welcome!  I am way too excited…I hope I don’t shove Ella out of the way to get to the rides first.  :-)

3. Baby mania!  NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT! Please…I have enough going on right now.  But!  I have several friends who will be welcoming babies in the next several months for whom I am so happy!  Congratulations to Maggie & Henry (baby Maddie in August), Emily, Chris & Ella (baby in November), Katie, Mark & Bernard (baby in December), Kristi, Jon & Ava (baby in January), Margaret & Josh (baby in January) and Kate, Dan & Drew (baby in February…the best month of all!).  Whew!  What a list!  Oh, and a big congratulations to Lisa & Curtis who welcomed baby Garrett at the end of May!

4. Ella news!  She is SO CUTE.  She is growing up every day!  She speaks in sentences now, she loves to sing songs with us (ABCs, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Twinkle Twinkle, etc!), slowly progressing toward the potty, she is recognizing colors, shapes & letters, learning to jump, somersault & other gross motor skills @ Little Gym, LOVES playing with baby Breanna (and other babies!).  It has been incredible to watch her develop her little personality this past year!  She is a very sweet & loving little girl who loves to snuggle & give kisses.  She is always asking if we are alright…she even asks the dogs!  She has also caught the photobug from her daddy (she “takes pictures” of us with an old XBOX controller).  She is relatively fearless & loves to try new things!  She loves the playground & swinging.  And she is not afraid of the pool this year, hooray!  Now if only I could get her to sit still for sunscreen…

5. Kid-less time!  Dave & I were lucky enough to go see Adam Pascal & Anthony Rapp in RENT @ the Fox a couple of weeks ago.  A-MAZ-ING!  Of course, with 2 original cast members, it is hard to be anything but awesome.  Also, for our 4th (gulp) anniversary, Dave & I are taking a 1 night “staycation”!  Ella will stay with my parents whilst we try to stay awake past 9pm & remember what you do for fun without a baby!

6. House stuff.  Our house goes on the market in early July!  We’ve had some delays (I HATE CONTRACTORS), but with everything finally coming together, we will be ready to sell our house!  Our agents (love them!) are pretty confident that our house will sell quickly, which is awesome!  It’s a little bittersweet to think about leaving this house, just because it’s our first house together & we brought Ella home here.  But we need more space & I’m excited about finding our forever home.  That has sidewalks.  Hehe.  Wish us luck!

That should be enough info to tide you over for a while!  I will probably post more in July as things happen with our house, other trips we’re taking & Ella Kate’s 2nd birthday!

1, 2, 3 Strikes, You’re Out…

4 Jun

We’ve had quite an eventful few weeks!  Preparing our house for the sale market has been a lot of work.  We are still not done, but we are closer!  Hopefully next week, our landscaping will be completed.  After a few other minor projects, we should be ready to go!  A big thank you to Kate, Dan & Drew for letting us store stuff in their basement so we don’t have to pay outrageous storage unit prices!

Ella & I have been going to many parks to take advantage of the nice weather!  We’ve also made the trek to Grant’s Farm (so far away!) & we got to go to a Cardinals game!

Here are a few pictures from our visits:

Digging in the rocks

Ava & Ella digging in the rocks.

Riding the duck

Ella riding the duck!

3 Musketeers

3 Little Monkeys @ Grant’s Farm!  Ella, Drew, Ava

Baby Breanna

Breanna went to Grant’s Farm, too!

Tiny Cards Fans

Gotta Root, Root, Root for the Cardinals! Ella & Drew

Becca & Dave @ Cards game

Kate & Dan

Yes, the parents were there, too!

Balloon Elmo!

Ella loves this Balloon Elmo from Silly Jilly @ Helen Fitz’s!

Happy June & Summer!