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April/May in pictures…

13 May

We have been really busy…as you can see!  We are preparing our house so that we can put it on the market, hopefully by early June.  So instead of a long blog post, you can just SEE what we’ve been up to!

Ella LOVES to swing!

Ella visited the Transportation Museum with her friends Nylah (pictured) & Harrison!

Such a cutie!

Ella loves Drew!  They had a lot of fun riding the carousel @ the Zoo w/ baby Breanna!

Ella has 12 teeth now to brush & keep clean!  She gets a little help from Mom & Dad.

Ella received her BuckleyBoo in the mail & went straight to work.  She is still figuring out a few of the buckles, but she loves to keep trying!

We had fun with bunnies & plastic eggs on Easter!

We went to the Fun Festival where Ella got a fire hat…she is all about accessories.

Save the best for last…

If you leave a toddler alone in a room for 1 1/2 minutes, this is what happens.  Ella decided to put vaseline in her hair.  An entire tub of vaseline.  It is very difficult to remove.  It took corn starch & several washings with Dawn dish liquid to get her hair somewhat back to normal.  Silly baby!

More pictures in a few days!