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If You’re Happy…

14 Apr

Please excuse my poor singing, but this is so cute.

If You’re Happy & You Know It

Remember Two Things…

14 Apr

I have two links you should know about.

1)  If you heart the Cardinals like I do, go here.  Thanks to Dave for sending it to me & Cardinals Diaspora for posting it!  Oh Cardinal Nation, how I love thee!

2) Ella is OBSESSED with buckles.  She would rather play with other people’s stroller buckles at the playground than any of the play equipment.  Her favorite toy is the buckle from her highchair that I had to remove so she would sit in the chair and eat rather than scream to play with the buckle.  Enter the BEST TOY EVER.  It arrives at our house tomorrow.  I plan on taking video of Ella’s first interaction with it because I believe it will be better than Christmas.

Also, I give you: Ella in the rain

Sweet Home Alabama…

10 Apr

I know, I know, I’ve been a bad blogger. We have been super busy since returning from our vacation, but I will do my best to recap our fun!

Driving with a toddler is NOT enjoyable. We broke up our drive both directions about halfway, and we stopped once or twice on each leg. That still leaves us in the car for about 3-4 hours at a time, which is a lot for a kid who likes to move around constantly. So, understandably and frustratingly, our drives were…icky. Arriving at our first night on the road, Ella was very upset from waking up in the car in a strange place. She cried for a long time in the hotel, and this is what finally happened when she calmed down:

We finally arrived at our house on Saturday afternoon and headed straight for the beach. This time, though a bit skeptical at first, Ella did much better in the sand. She wasn’t too sure about walking on it, but she loved playing in it & digging with the shovel & pail. And I did get her to walk with me a bit:

It was nice & sunny the first two days, but the wind was insane. We tried to play on the beach during the day, but we got continually blasted by the sand. It was nicer in the evening once the wind died down:

The rest of the week, it rained. And rained. And tornadoed. We spent much of it at the indoor pool, where Ella fell in love with swimming. She even got out of her floaty and jumped into the pool (with help, of course). We played mini-golf, went to the outlet mall & visited Fort Morgan (LAME). Our adventures were impeded by rain. But, we had a great time overall. Other pictures of our trip can be seen at our flickr account.