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19 Mar

We will be leaving tomorrow for Alabama! Hooray! I need some beach time. I promise that when we get back, I will post some fun pictures & have some great stories!

We are driving, though splitting it up into 2 parts. Hopefully, Ella will be a good girl!

Also, let’s hope she likes the beach better this year than last year:

You Are My Sunshine…

12 Mar

I love this picture of Ella. She looks so introspective and inquisitive. Plus, my baby is so cute!

To Whom It May Concern…

10 Mar

Dear Hoosier Neighbors/Neighbor’s Friends/Frenemies,

Were you born in a barn? Though it may sometimes seem like it, our neighborhood is not a trailer park. We do not live in, near or among a NASCAR track. There are laws clearly stating when you can and cannot be driving at certain ages. 2-4am is NOT one of the acceptable times for those under 18. Even if you have a totally awesome, pimped-out, super loud, crazy fast 1998 Toyota.

Really, I’m happy that you have found something to love and occupy your time and interest other than bumming around wasting space. But street racing around the neighborhood, in front of my house, in the middle of the night, every weekend night when it’s not precipitating….that is not the time to exert your awesome-ness. Put your love of going fast to good use somewhere else and at an appropriate time of day (not night). For instance, you could work at an amusement park! Roller coasters go really fast. Or you could practice running & run really fast! That is so not as loud, so you could do it without disturbing everyone! Another option: auctioneer! They can speak incredibly fast! Seriously, the possibilities are endless; I know if you just do the research, you could find something equally as fast and interesting and much less obnoxious and illegal.

Bottom line: STOP STREET RACING. It’s not legal, at any time of the day or night. It’s not safe for you or for the people and property around you. It’s not cool, no matter who you’re trying to impress and prove to that it is. Plus, you’re making me lose sleep and it’s really pissing me off. I’m not sure you want to fight me over this…I will Gauss hog your car into oblivion. And I will call the cops. I’m not above narc-ing you out.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding,
Your neighbors who’d like to sleep at night