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Lots of Pictures…

20 Jan

We went to an Italian restaurant on the Hill for Annette’s birthday dinner!  It was very tasty.

Happy Birthday Annette!

Kate, Drew, Kristi, Ava, Ella & I (& lots of other friends!) went swimming last week at the Richmond Heights community center!  Ella finally loved to swim!  Hooray!

Swimming @ the Heights

Swimming @ the Heights

Ella has music class on Friday mornings.  She does a great job entertaining everyone with her dancing skills.  And her shaker playing.

I love to dance!

Whew!  Mom wears me out, so I often nap in the car.

So tired...

So tired...

I also have a really cute video of Ella giving kisses, but it’s too big to upload, so I’m trying to figure out how to share that!

I’m making progress with my 5K training.  I have been using the elliptical instead of the treadmill because my knees have been in a lot of pain.  Today I got through all 3.1 miles in 30 minutes!  Good, but we’ll see how that translates to actual progress when I can run outside.  GO AWAY COLD WEATHER!!!!

Let’s Get Physical…

12 Jan

As I stated in an earlier post, I am going to *try* to run (well, jog…or walk…or complete) a 5K in October at Truman State’s homecoming. I am attempting to do this as a family venture. Dave & his sisters & brother as well as some other family members are going to do this as a family, so I’m going to do my best to keep up.

I HATE running. Unless I’m playing a game (like soccer or kickball) or I’m being chased (which doesn’t happen much), I really hate running. I know it’s probably a mental game, but I’m also just not physically fit enough to run a 5K right now. I could walk one…and I love to walk! But I don’t want to be the dork who walks the 5K because I was too lazy to train for it.

So…I’m going to need your help! I need suggestions for training (right now, I can get about 2.25 miles in about 30 minutes. I know…it’s pathetic.) I need encouragement, because I will want to quit. A lot. I need someone to tell me that 5K isn’t that bad. Please…let me know that I’ll make it through this! I’ll keep you updated with my progress, if I have any!

What Will She Do Next…

7 Jan

A couple of funny Ella stories from the past week.

Although Ella was not Santa’s biggest fan throughout the holidays, we tried to get her to say “Ho Ho Ho” as a pseudo “Merry Christmas”. She sort-of picked up on it, usually saying instead, “Ho Oh”. Yesterday morning, she picked up a card from my nightstand, on which was a picture of Santa. What does she say? “Ho Ho Ho!” Clear as day! So funny.

This morning, Ella had her baby with her when I picked her up out of bed. As we sat down on the couch, she would hug her baby, then give her to me to hug, saying “Hug!”. Then, she turned the baby around to face her and moved it’s little hand and said “Bye bye!” as if the baby were saying bye bye. I can’t believe I’m such a sucker. She is too cute. Bath night

Happy New Year…

5 Jan

After an amazing, wonderful, busy, crazy, lovely Christmas and a moderately uneventful New Year’s (the way I like it!), 2009 has arrived!  

2008 ended with lots of fun & excitement!  

On Friday the 19th, we traveled to Springfield to watch my baby brother graduate from Missouri State University, cum laude!  Congratulations, Chris!

We celebrated Christmas several times with many family members & friends.  It was so great to spend time with so many people we love over the break! With so many celebrations, our schedule was in a bit of upheaval, though Ella coped quite well & was a really good baby through everything!  She enjoyed everything, and was always full of entertainment.  She received lots of books for Christmas, which she adores!  She also got a Hokey Pokey Elmo, whom she loves to dance with, a castle climber/slide, a rocking chair, musical maracas, and so much more!  We are very lucky to have such generous family & friends who genuinely love to spoil my baby rotten.  

Though we have been incredibly busy the past couple of weeks, I have been thinking about my family & friends and how much I appreciate all of them!  And, of course, my fabulous blog readers!  A paragraph or two for you, my friends…

Dave & Ella…You are the lights of my life.  Truly.

Mom, Dad, brothers…I love you.  Thank you for loving my family as you love me, for spoiling my baby, for always being there for us.  

Sara, Annette, pWnhACKzORz…What a fun 6 months it has been!  I’m so glad to have you all here.  Thank you for being so patient with Ella & loving her like she was your own.  I look forward to much more fun in 2009!

Kate & Drew…Ella Kate & I are lucky to have such a great pair of friends!  I look forward to watching Ella & Drew grow up even more this year, learning more ways to be amazing & mischievous together.  

Maggie, Stacey (Jaxson), Katy, Lauren, Becca…Thank you for reading my blog & being my “blosse”!  I appreciate your friendship from afar & I love reading your blogs (if you have them) & your comments.  

Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.

I have a lot of things planned for 2009, including, but not limited to: attempting to run a 5K, trying to bruise myself less, POSSIBLY moving, trying to keep the house cleaner, potty training Ella, taking lots of pictures and composing some beginning band music.  Happy New Year!

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. -TS Eliot

Attempt #2 to sit with Santa

Attempt #2 to sit with Santa

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