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Let it Snow!

16 Dec

With winter weather upon us, and radio stations playing my favorite winter-y tunes, I feel engulfed by the Holiday spirit!  I love shopping this time of year, I love watching all of the Christmas movies on TV, and most of all I love Christmas carols!  There are a few exceptions (Mary Did You Know does not make my list) but for the most part, I will let the station play for a month just listening to the songs over and over again.

A few rules about Christmas carols.

  • White Christmas should always be sung by Bing Crosby.  This is the only version that is actually awesome, all others pale in comparison.  
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas is an amazing song, but again, the only real version is the Judy Garland version.  I still cry when I watch that scene in Meet Me in St. Louis.  
  • Have a Holly Jolly Christmas is Burl Ives’ song.  Don’t you remember watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (which are real animals, by the way.  They don’t fly, but they ARE real)?  Yeah, Burl Ives, the snowman, that’s his song.  
  • I love Silent Night, it may be my favorite.  And even though I can’t always remember all of the words in German, I think the German version is lovely.

I know that Dave’s favorite Christmas song is In the Bleak Midwinter, and I have a male friend who’s favorite is All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey.  There are some new ones that I hear each year on the radio, all with varying likeability.  

For the past several years, my dad & I (with varying other family members) have played our instruments at family Christmas gatherings.  My dad will write a nice arrangement of a medley of Christmas tunes that we have fun playing.  It’s become a tradition that I love because I get to share my passion for music, especially Christmas music, with everyone in my family in a way that they enjoy.  I love finding out what my dad has written each year and I hope that someday Ella will get to play with us.

Something about Christmas carols always puts me in a better mood.  Most of them are so happy (and jolly!), their joyous refrains echoing the sentiment that we should all be celebrating with and enjoying each other.  

What are your favorite Christmas songs?  Do you have any traditions involving Christmas music?

Please, don’t embarrass me…

10 Dec

A funny story, but I will tell it from Ella’s perspective.  

Now that I can run around the house, I love exploring!  I can open doors, pull out drawers, climb on things, and grab things to play with that look awesome.  I love going in the bathroom to open the middle drawer…there are so many cool things in there!  I particularly like pulling out Mom’s perfume & Dad’s glasses cleaner to shake them.  Nothing like shaking some dangerous liquids* to get the parents fired up!  I love being chased.  

This morning I went over by the recycling bin (another favorite place…just look at all those empty boxes!) and noticed the basket with a clock, picture frame and some small appliance**.  I usually just take the picture frame, but today, I picked up the appliance.  It was a bit heavy for me, so I dropped it.  And..YIKES!!  It turned on!  And made a really scary buzzing sound!  Oh no!!!  Run away!!  Mom!!  Help me!  Stop washing your hands and come see this scary buzzing thing!  Yes, just follow me.  See where I’m pointing?  That thing.  Oh, whew, you made it stop.  Thanks mom!  I won’t be playing with that again soon.

Foot notes:

* – The liquids are probably not actually dangerous.

** – The small appliance referred to in this story is a dustbuster.  Hahahaha.